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Google Digital Insights for Businesses 3.30.18

Google is aggregating its massive data into useful presentations for businesses to help drive meaningful, effective digital advertising buys, and it’s amazing and brilliant to see the latest from the greatest! A Google Certified Speaker painted a highly relatable picture for digital advertisers and businesses to consider:

Think of how many times you check your phone daily--it’s likely a LOT, over a hundred times per day for many. Now, think about what’s happening in your life that prompts those phone checks: nearly anything. A friend casually mentions an old television show and all of a sudden we just HAVE to run a Google search to see what happened to our favorite actors from twenty years ago, and the examples are nearly endless!

Most importantly, we use our devices as a means to optimize the most important moments in our lives. One of their examples was when your kid wins a soccer game or achieves anything great, most people go online in search of ways to celebrate them by searching terms like ‘ice cream near me’ or ‘arcade near me’. A couple gets engaged and it’s time to start searching vacation options, gift ideas, wedding packages, or better yet, wedding planners! The moments are near infinite.

We look for services of all kinds in real time to maximize as many moments of our life as possible, and the major take-away for businesses is ‘are you where everyone is’--online? It’s a great point. Numerous research sources show explosive growth in online users, as well as individual time spent online, over the upcoming decades, making it imperative for businesses to be where their customers both are and will be, and it’s absolutely paramount that they be found easily.

The next question for businesses is just ‘how?’, which opens up an even furtherly enormous smattering of conversation directions:


Google My Business Listings

Google Map Listings

Digital Advertising, of which there are many

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


The simple answer, though, is to partner. Partner with people who spend their careers specializing in the evolution of businesses and advertising online, and the many subcategories of the main categories listed above, and the subcategories that will likely soon come of even those subcategories. Your business needs easy access to become easily accessible, but unless you have the huge budget required to pay the many daunting salaries of your dream team of Digital Specialists, again, the solution is to simply partner with the people who are already doing it.

CMco. knows how to do this for you both effectively and affordably. When you partner with CMco., you can partner with Google, among countless others. Call to partner with us today.

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